FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL - for women in leadership positions

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Female Wake-Up Call:

Success mindset, female power and self-care
for women in leadership positions

Take control of your life now instead of just sitting in the passenger seat! I’ll show you how, as a woman in a leadership position, you are able to juggle family and a career with ease and passion  – without falling by the wayside.

FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL for women in leadership positions

You have high professional ambitions. You want to go far and work hard for it, often too hard. At the same time you want to be a good mom for your children and spend as much time with them as possible. You juggle your job, family and household – but keeping all the balls in the air is becoming increasingly difficult for you.
Perhaps you are also dissatisfied professionally or have the feeling that you always fulfi others’ expectations rather than your own.
Or are you in danger of losing yourself, no longer living and unable  to get off the hamster wheel?

if not now, when?

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of that!

It’s time,

  • to trust your abilities and talents, to stop putting other people’s expectations – whether from society, business or family – above your own,
  • to be kind to yourself,
  • to juggle it all easily,
  • and to be a role model for your children as well as for your team.

It’s time for authentic, cool and great women in leadership positions – with plenty of trust, inner clarity, focus and self-confidence!


“The world needs strong women in leadership positions.
The world needs you!“

Coaching for women in leadership positions

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Support with
1:1 Coaching

Individual support and guidance over several months to master your challenges and achieve your goals.

• tailored exactly to you
• ongoing personal support by me
• available 24/7 if needed
• start at any time (within three weeks)

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The comprehensive program for your professional success, the feeling of being a good mum and more self-care.

• group program over a period of 16 weeks
• trust your own strengths and inner power
• transform negative patterns of thinking and behavior
• juggle family and career easily with a success mindset

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Your power program for more focus in your daily life, clarity about your next steps and self-confidence for your future journey.

• group program over a period of six weeks
• build confidence in your skills and talents
• enjoy responsibility AND delegation
• mental fitness and female leadership

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That’s what my clients say

“With her sympathetic and empathetic approach, Maren sensitively and consistently responds to me without losing the thread.
I particularly liked the variety of methods brought in.”

Silvia, Manager

“Maren supported me professionally and very empathetically during a difficult phase. With her intuition and her individual approach, we were able to figure out the next steps of my professional career together. I felt very well taken care of and strengthened after the coaching. Thank you very much, dear Maren!”

Christina, Project Manager

“Thanks to Maren, my work-life balance is back on track, even in stressful situations I can act better, more efficiently and respectfully.”

Petra, Manager

I am maren wölfl

your sparring partner

For a long time I felt like you: I felt torn between all the expectations from outside and my own dreams, to be a good mother AND to follow my career.

My goal was clear: I don’t want to give up either one of these. This is the only way I can live a happy and fulfilled life. But with a busy working husband, three kids and no grandparents in the immediate area, that was easier said than done.

Fortunately, I’m not a person to feel sorry for myself for too long. So I focused on what I could do and change myself – within my circle of influence. I’ve overcome my perfectionism, stepped out of my comfort zone over and over again – and found a way that works for me and my family. I would love to help you create an equally individual path for yourself.

When, if not now?

Let’s start together.