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Female Leadership

Female Leadership Program

It is time to show the world what you are made of!  

A transformative SELF-LEADERSHIP Program to find your inner compass. Be an authentic leader and role model with an inspiring success-mindset – also in turbulent times.

A truly transformative leadership course! 

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what are your current challenges?

  • Too often you think “I must” instead of “I am” or “I want”
  • You feel torn between expectations of the others
  • You feel this small or big piece of dissatisfaction within yourself and know that you are up to more
  • You feel your own pressure because your performance just has to be PERFECT 
  • You want to be a great leader and role-model and want to learn HOW
  • You want a recipe for working on your career AND being a great mom
  • Too often you feel self-doubt and judge yourself for not being enough

What was the benefit for other women from this FEMALE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM?

As a leader, woman and mom the requirements and expectations are high. Your days are more than full. During bad days, there is self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and you feel torn between family, personal time and professional career?

This female leadership program addresses the specific requirements of women in leadership positions trying to move forward and make an impact. 

It is based on the Self-Managing Leadership (SML) Program with almost one million participants having discovered their values, vision and purpose. They are proving that it is possible to enjoy professional AND personal success by find your Inner Compass and walking your authentic path.

(source: Oxford Leadership

female leadership

Female Leadership Development – when, if not now? 

  • Learn LEADERSHIP by MINDSET and how to trust yourself every day a little bit more
  • Get insights about your supporting patterns in life and what is holding you back 
  • Learn how to make better choices by being a ‘DETACHED OBSERVER’
  • Develop and strengthen your intuitive, emotional, and social intelligence
  • Believe in your own superpower and leverage on your core strengths and qualities
  • Focus on the few things that will make the biggest difference in your life
  • Create breakthrough goals and an action plan to execute them

„It is time to show the world what you are made of!“

FEMALE LEADERSHIP – is this program for a great development and transformation something for me?

YES, if … 

… you have great professional ambitions. You want to get far and work a lot for it, often too hard!

… you have enough of your own high expectations and the supposed perfectionism.

… you are perhaps also dissatisfied professionally or have the feeling that you are always fulfilling other peoples’ expectations rather than your own.

… you are new in a leadership role and want to learn Leadership by Minset and be strong from the inside out. 

… you juggle your job, family and household – but keeping all the balls in the air is becoming increasingly difficult. The guilty conscience knocks constantly on your door!

… you are on the best way to lose yourself, because you no longer live but only function?

… YOU feel that you are up to more and want to show the world what you are made of! 

Let’s find out together if the Female Leadership Program is the right tool for you!
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Female Power

Female Leadership for YOU – in a nutshell:

Sign up to this unique and powerful program for women, mothers & leaders – to thrive in life and business


  • After attending this program, you strengthened your Inner Compass knowing your

    + personal values

    + purpose and

    + vision.

    + You developed the road-map for a new chapter in your life.

    We are looking forward to support your transformation as an impactful leader, a strong woman and a valued human being reflecting your individual personality.


    Bilingual (german AND english) 

  • ONLINE (in german)
    + 29 January from 5-7:30pm
    + 30 January from 9-11.30am 
    + 31 January from 5-7:30pm 
    + 1 February from 9-11:30am 
  • EARLY BIRD until 10 December: 550 Euro
    XMAS Special until 30 December: 650 Euro
    START OF THE YEAR until 15 January 2024: 750 Euro
    BEFORE START: 850 Euro
  • all prices net, excl. VAT
  •  ONLINE and in VIENNA (in german)

    + 13 May online 9-12am
    + 15 May in Wien 9am-6pm
    + 17 May online 9-12am
  • Costs: 1.350 Euro (net, excl. VAT)
Please write a mail to maren@femalewakeupcall.com
All dates will be inspiring and interactive

with moments of deep personal reflection,

as well as fun and feeling of belonging.

Just join us? When, if not now?

Our promise to you!

We have been there, as leader, woman and mom.

We know the pain, we know the gain.

And with all our talent, expertise and heart we are eager to inspire you and your female trailblazer to step up and lean in to accelerate a sustainable future for yourself, your entity and society.

Who is going to support you on your way to more FEMALE LEADERSHIP?

Maren Wölfl
Maren has extensive experience in Business Coaching and training in international companies.

She is a Top 20 Business-Coach in Vienna in 2021 and certified as PCC by the International Coach Federation.
Her focus and clarity in combination with a high regard for people leads to inspiring results.

Her main talents lie in realizing and strengthening unique talents and the courage to trust your intuition.

She as been recognized for providing in depth know-how on Women and Leadership and building trustful and sustainable relationships with people.

Maren lives in Vienna and is a mom of 3.

Are you ready to sit in the driver’s seat of your car and not linger in the passenger seat or trunk – so that your life doesn’t just “happen” to you, but you yourself make decisions within your circle of influence and control it with the steering wheel

German by nature, Californian by heart – that promises an unusual approach in all Eve Simon does – as a transformational consultant, executive coach, key-note speaker and serial entrepreneur.

With a systemic perspective and diverse knowledge and expertise in Marketing, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal & Cultural Growth she merges different viewpoints into new solutions.

She holds a Master degree from Switzerland besides various other certifications in coaching, mindfulness and agile methods; leading divisions in corporate for 14 years and running her boutique consulting firm since 2005.

Eve lives currently with her daughter in two continents – Silicon Valley and Germany




Some more feedback from participants: 

(more in german here)

Female leadership feedback 2

OK – I’m ready to hit the ground running and register for the program!

Then write a mail to: maren@femalewakeupcall.com or eve.simon@oxfordleadership.com

Still some questions?

Let’s have a look at the first free exploration call.

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We are looking forward to hearing from YOU!


Hmm, good question … But imagine …

  • What happens if you continue as before and everything stays the same
  • OR: You change something, because you know: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!”
  • You continue to put the professional demands and expectations of others above your own – how will you feel in five or ten years?
  • OR: You get behind the steering wheel of your vehicle and lead a life with confidence in yourself and a good feeling where to go, because YOU want it that way
  • You know in your head that you take way too much responsibility and you are annoyed with your partner, your children and your professional environment?
  • OR: You take responsibility for yourself and your life with ease and composure and know: I can’t change the wind, but set the sails differently?
  • You keep cramming your days so full of to-do’s and chores that there’s no time for yourself. You feel tired, drained and exhausted?
  • OR: You know that your day only has 24 hours, and you plan it realistically, according to your current life situation?


Let’s talk and answer your open questions. Together we will see if the FEMALE LEADERSHIP program is the right tool for you.

Send me a message by email to maren@femalewakeupcall.com.

Or book an appointment for a free strategy talk right away!

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