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Coaching for women with Maren Wölfl

Work Life Balance Coaching
for Women


The individual 1:1 coaching with Maren Wölfl for your success!

Individual, tailor-made support for your professional and personal growth as a woman, mother and leader at the top. 

How the 1:1 Work Life Balance Coaching for Women can help you

  • Do you have a specific problem, challenge or goal to achieve?
  • Do you want support tailor-made to your needs?
  • Do you feel pressed for time?
  • You want to focus and reach your goals quickly?

… if you answer these questions with YES, then individual coaching is certainly the right thing for you!

Some of the clients:

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How does the coaching process work?

In 1:1 conversations, I accompany your reflection process. I listen, provide inspiration and feedback, ask many questions and I am the moderator of your own process. It is mostly not about your behavior, but about the hidden feelings, values and beliefs, which, as you know, are 100% within your control.

Depending on your challenges, I use different methods and concepts that I have learned in many professional and advanced leadership trainings (such as: Hypno-Systemic Concepts, Systemic Approaches, Resonance Method, Lego Serious Play, dare-to-lead, etc.).

What is the time frame of the Work Life Balance Coaching for Women, mothers and leaders?

I am convinced that a longer-term collaboration makes sense! I am at your side for several months and accompany you – depending on your request – with varying degrees of intensity. 

Between the individual sessions, you will receive inspirations, videos and texts 1-2 times a week, which will support you in your process and on your path and remind you of your goals.

We can also talk on the phone in between sessions to fine-tune and share the status quo – or I can document the process and be available 24/7 for you.

There are three packages in my coaching program for women, which you can choose from – depending on the intensity of the desired support.

Coaching for women


• Strategic talk and exploration call
• Coaching sessions
• Short inspirations in-between


Like Basic
• Strategic talk and exploration call
• Coaching sessions
• Short inspirations in-between

+ Catch-up phone call to fine-tune and exchange current status
+ Tailor-made tools, know-how and tips


Like Premium
• Strategic talk and exploration call
• Coaching sessions
• Short inspirations in-between
• Catch-up phone call to fine-tune and exchange current status
• Tailor-made tools, know-how and tips

+ Sparring partner with continuous accessibility
+ Documentation of the process

SOON to come: access to an exclusive online platform …:-)) stay tuned

For more info on your 1:1 Work Life Balance Coaching for women, moms and leaders – write me an email or arrange a free exploration call. We find out how to support you best and I’ll be happy to tell you more.

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A quick question: Would you like to know more about Maren and her journey? How did Maren balance work and family? What internal and external barriers has she overcome? More about Maren Wölfl.

1:1 Work Life Balance Coaching: Is this something for me?

To answer this question, I have gathered a few coaching examples from my female clients:

  • You have a conflict with your manager or colleague and are angry with him/her, but don’t have the courage to bring up the subject, to show your boundaries, or you are looking for a new solution for yourself.
  • You are a manager, work 30 hours (on paper – but “in reality” much more), have two children and feel exhausted, tired and like a “functioning machine”. You are looking for a solution to more quality in life and to juggle it all easily.
  • You are dissatisfied in your current professional position, would like to develop yourself further and find a new professional challenge. However, you doubt yourself and your abilities and you don’t know where the journey should lead you.
  • You want to be an authentic leader and role model for others. You know that you want to develop yourself personally in order to get closer to this goal.
  • You feel an inner dissatisfaction, care more about the needs and expectations of others and are on the way to losing yourself. You are running on your hamster wheel and know inside: It can’t go on like this!


If you find yourself here, you should definitely change something – I’m happy to support you!



“If you really want something, you’ll find a way

… If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

What does 1:1 Work Life Balance Coaching for women look like in concrete terms?

The individual sessions are very different.

I ask many questions and lead you into a process of reflection.

Unused potential is explored and become consciously available.

I tell inspiring stories from my extensive array of experience and about the experiences, learning curves from other women.

We plan next steps that you can then quickly implement and tackle in everyday life.

Also between the sessions I am there for you

+ with continuous inspirations

+ for catch-up calls

+ with tailor-made tools

+ as a sparring partner

+ and much more.

Feedback from my clients:

Customer testimonial

Violeta, mother of 2 children, single parent working in a male dominated company.

In the training and the personal conversations with Maren I received valuable suggestions to deal with my personal life values and to become aware of my roles.

The most important phrase that hit the mark with me was: “I am also allowed to take it easy” has changed my perspective on so many situations/things and often helps me when I am dealing with challenges. Thank you Maren!


Customer testimonial

Petra, manager in an international company, full time employee and mother of 2 school children.

The program helped me to focus better and to analyze my own strengths.

Learning the energy patterns was extremely helpful for leading employees and also in general for dealing effectively with other people.

The feedback and buddy system helped me to reflect on my self-image and the effect I have on others.
Thank you – I would do it again anytime!


Customer testimonial

Elisabeth, mother of 2 children, who has accepted a new professional challenge after many years.

I would like to thank you very much! You totally helped me at a time when I really didn’t know how I wanted to develop.

I can totally recommend the course to every working woman with children.
In a time of uncertainty, it gave me confidence in myself and my abilities. I wanted to try something new, to develop myself personally and professionally, and the training helped me a lot.

Many things became clearer to me and I got more control over my work life balance.
The individual coaching then gave me a turbo boost!


Women in leadership positions and coaching for women with Maren Wölfl

This is what my clients once wrote down for me …

Coaching is PARTNERS’ work!


Finding the right partner for individual coaching is not easy.

I invite you to a first free strategy meeting: We get to know each other, you can tell me about your challenges and goals and we will find out if we fit together and how to support you best.

Make an appointment with me right now – because you know:

If not now, when? 🙂

the Women’s Leadership Program

Life Coach for Women:
Maren Wölfl

The woman behind the FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL

Maren Wölfl is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) according to the International Coach Federation and an ISO Certified Trainer and Coach according to EN ISO 17024.

With many years of training and further education, she offers an enormous asset of methods and experience and a large suitcase of tools that can be applied depending on the issue.

She is a registered mediator in the list of the Federal Ministry of Justice, a mental trainer, trained in hypno-systemic concepts and personality models according to Milton Ericsson.

She has also completed leadership training in Paris and Amsterdam. The dare-to-lead training (according to Brene Brown) and Lego Serious Play complete her versatile profile.

After many years in management positions in international brand companies in Austria and abroad, Maren has been a life coach for women, mothers and leaders for 15 years.


Maren Wölfl