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Maren Wölfl

The woman behind the

Female Wake-up Call

“How am I going to juggle it all easily, be a successful business woman and a great mum?” – This question troubled me for many years. On the one hand, there were my three children and my husband, who was very involved in his career, and whose well-being was naturally a very high priority for me.

On the other hand, there was my desire for professional fulfillment, an ambitious career and constant development, as well as my hunger for more. And plus, I would have liked to also have had a little time just for myself.

I often felt helpless and desperate, torn between my own desires and dreams and the expectations of others. And my perfectionism didn’t make things any easier either.

As a result, I was constantly under pressure and felt rushed and drained. I felt like a deficit manager who simply couldn’t meet all the expectations.


“We can’t change the wind,
but we can set the sail differently!

(one of Maren’s favorite quotes cool)

In the last few years, I found the path that’s right for me. I got behind the steering wheel of my life instead of just being content with the passenger seat or the trunk, as I used to be.

Today, as a specialist in female empowerment, I help women who feel the same way I did back then. Mothers in leadership positions, who

  • have difficulties balancing family and career,
  • have high expectations of themselves, but
    doubt themselves,
  • have difficulty saying NO,
  • do not take care of themselves,
  • are therefore constantly stressed and tense and
  • have the feeling that they are not making any progress.

In coaching sessions and courses I accompany you on your way to your inner female power, self-care and a positive mindset.

My goal as Female Coach: Real change through respect, passion and courage

I am the right sparring partner for you not just because I have seen and experienced almost all the challenges facing female leaders myself or with female clients. What distinguishes me above all is the courage to trust my intuition and to address things openly.

My most important values – respect, passion and courage – are incorporated directly into my work. So you benefit from useful theoretical knowledge, my personal experiences and lots of real-life stories.

You also receive a lot of inspiration, positive energy and mental support from me. Because in your comfort zone it may be nice, warm and cozy –but as we know, nothing changes if everything stays the same.

You like hard facts?

No problem. My name is Maren Wölfl and I am:

  • Business Coach, certified according to ISO 17024
  • Professional Certified Coach (of the International Coach Federation)
  • Top 20 Business Coach in Vienna in 2021, have a look here!
  • Leadership Consultant of Oxford Leadership
  • Trainer of executives with leadership workshops in Paris, Hamburg and Amsterdam
  • Auditor for seal of approval familieundberuf in cooperation with KIBIS (www.kibis.at),
  • Registered mediator in the list of the Federal Ministry of Justice,
  • Inspirational Speaker who thinks and speaks out-of-the-box
  • Former manager of international consumer goods companies (B2B and B2C) in Vienna, Salzburg and Frankfurt
  • Graduate of International Business Studies in Innsbruck and Miami
  • Graduate of various and diverse further education and training courses in different fields like dare-to-lead trained or Expert for Innovative Trainings …

and much more.

Maren Wölfl: a true adventurer

No matter in which area of life: I learn, try out new things and I am always on the lookout for possibilities and opportunities. In my private life, I love being outdoors – I am a skiing and travel enthusiast. I spent seven months in Asia and four in Australia. I went trekking in Nepal and saw Mount Everest from a height of 5500m, biked around Uluru and, despite being an avid skier, found surfing very difficult.

Professionally, I have little interest in victim roles, complaining and comfort zones. I prefer to rely on inspirations, trust my intuition, rely on a good dose of courage and jumps to leaps. Do you as well?

Then arrange a free exploration call with me now.

I look forward to meeting you,.

Yours, Maren

Maren Wölfl

Some of my clients:

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