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Women’s leadership program


and for those on their journey to get there!

16-week group program for more female empowerment, success mindset and self-care – THE coaching for women, mothers and leaders

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The Women’s Leadership Program is a coaching program for leading women or prospective female leaders WITH children, who are ready to take the next step – for personal and professional development.

This exclusive coaching program offers a lot of know-how, learning opportunities, inspiration and shared experiences with the other participants. It is about professional success for you, about the feeling of being a good mom and of course about self-care.

And all of that with a lot of fun, passion and positive energy!

Women to the top! The FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL

The Women’s Leadership Program …

  • … shows you how your next career step all the way to the very top will be possible if you trust your talents and abilities. And REALLY – and not just saying so. If you are aware that these constant self-doubts are useless, and you want to reach a higher level of self-confidence and trust.
  • … helps you to stop putting other people’s expectations – whether from society, business or family – above your own. There should be a balance between the needs and demands of others and your own desires and dreams. That is the goal!
  • … supports you in being kind to yourself and talking to yourself as if you were a good friend – with all the appreciation and empathy that you also show to others.
  • … shows you how to juggle it all easily –  family, career, household chores and much more … 
  •  … encourages you so that you can be a role model for your children as well as for your team!
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Women’s leadership program

How can it help me?

  • You have high expectations of yourself
  • You have difficulties in balancing family and career
  • You constantly doubt yourself
  • You find it difficult to say NO and to set a limit for others
  • You do not pay attention to yourself and your own needs and desires
  • You are therefore constantly stressed and tense
  • You are tired of always having to handle everything on your own
  • Yet you have the feeling that you are not getting anywhere and that you are losing yourself

“The world needs great female leaders!
The world needs you!”

What can I expect as a person, woman, mother and leader of the FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL program?

The coaching for women in leadership positions

Coaching-Module 1:
Trust your strengths and be mentally fit!

  • In this coaching you will find and strengthen your own talents and abilities
  • You will identify patterns that support and hinder your professional success
  • Together we learn more about positive thinking patterns for self-confidence and self-assurance
  • Set your sails correctly, because “We cannot change the wind, but we set our sail differently!”

Coaching-Module 2: Find your personal leadership style – as a woman!

  • You get to know your personal behavior pattern
  • We define your own and most important values that shape and lead your life
  • I show you how to integrate the values into your professional and private everyday life
  • Your values become your lighthouse: You know how to behave in conflicts and stressful situations
  • We talk about feminine qualities that we need more of in companies

Coaching-Module 3: You are in your own private and professional balance!  

  • during the coaching you develop and live your own model for family AND career
  • You will learn to experience the feeling of being a good mom – ALWAYS!
  • You really learn to take care of yourself  and do so as well!
  • I show you ways to less stress and more calmness

Coaching-Module 4: You know your vision and goals as a leader and as a woman and mother – and create an action plan!

  • We travel mentally into the future – you find your vision and “build” it!
  • in the coaching we develop the „purpose” for you, so that your path becomes much clearer
  • You create a concrete and realistic plan for 2021 including steps and milestones
  • You fill your plan with life and talk about it with the others

FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL – is this coaching for women in leadership positions something for me?

YES, if … 

… you have great professional ambitions. You want to get far and work a lot for it, often too hard!

… you want to be a good mom for your children and spend as much time with them as possible.

… you juggle your job, family and household – but keeping all the balls in the air is becoming increasingly difficult. The guilty conscience knocks constantly on your door!

… you have enough of your own high expectations and the supposed perfectionism.

… you are perhaps also dissatisfied professionally or have the feeling that you are always fulfilling other peoples’ expectations rather than your own.

… you are on the best way to lose yourself, because you no longer live but only function?

Maybe you feel like an ant and would like to be a sea lion, a snail or a dolphin? Let’s find out together if the Women’s Leadership Program is the right tool for you!

the Women’s Leadership Program
Female Power

Here are all the facts at a glance:

  • 16 weeks coaching program for you (with all my know-how from the last 15 years)
  • 4 modules – 4 weeks each – with different topics (success mindset, female power and self-care and female leadership)
  • weekly videos with know-how (to watch whenever you have time)
  • 2 individual coaching sessions (to be arranged individually with me)
  • weekly, optional group calls to drill down and have a conversation about the content. We reflect and share (with lots of positive energy, fun and enthusiasm, of course)
  • regular inspirations

You choose where and when you participate depending on your time and current situation

Duration: 16 weeks

Start: fall 2021

Are you in? If not now, when?

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„Love it, change it or leave it!

Who will support you as a power woman and coach?

Hi! My name is Maren Wölfl and I am mom to the (of course) best three kids in the world aged 10, 13 and 14. For many years I worked in management positions in international consumer goods companies in Vienna, Salzburg and Frankfurt – before I decided to change my career during a sabbatical in Asia.

For the last 15 years, I have been working as a business coach and offer coaching for women in leadership positions – there is (almost) nothing I haven’t heard and solved … AND: I love my job!

Today, I am a successful entrepreneur, a cool mom of three brilliant kids who follow their own paths, have a great partner and still look after myself enough.

I love to travel, have once traveled to Asia for seven months and spent four months in Australia, do exercise two to three times a week and enjoy being outdoors.

Are you ready to sit in the driver’s seat of your car and not linger in the passenger seat or trunk – so that your life doesn’t just “happen” to you, but you yourself make decisions within your circle of influence and control it with the steering wheel?

What does the FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL coaching

for women in leadership positions involve?

4 coaching modules with a lot of know-how, conversations and time for self-reflection

Module 1: Success mindset and mental wellbeing

Module 2: As a woman in a leadership position – personal leadership style and behavior patterns

Module 3: Work-private life balance and self-care

Module 4: Vision, goals, action plan and next steps

A lot of know-how and theory input for your success

Every week a short video (max. 5 minutes) with know-how that you can watch at any time in the library.

A workbook with exercises, time for self-reflection and inspiration.

2 individual coaching sessions ONLY for you

We address your current challenges and goals together and find solutions that fit you and your life situation!

Weekly group calls with my support

In these weekly group coaching calls, we will drill down and discuss the content. We reflect together and have conversations about  topics that concern us in an open and familiar setting. Fun is certainly not to be missed here!

Inspiring WAKE-UP CALLs in between

In between you will regularly receive inspiration from me – in the form of quotes, videos, texts and much more …

This course contains my cumulative knowledge from the last 15 years as a leader, trainer and coach (who has accompanied many successful women with children on their journey) and of course as a mom of three children – who were often my best teachers!

You will also get a buddy with whom you can exchange ideas on a regular basis.


Feedback from my clients in recent coaching sessions for women in leadership positions:

Client testimonial

Violeta, mother of 2 children, single parent working in a male dominated company.

In the training and the personal conversations with Maren I received valuable suggestions to deal with my personal life values, and to become aware of my roles.

The most formative phrase that hit the mark with me was: “I am also allowed to take it easy” has changed my perspective on some situations/things and often helps me when I am dealing with challenges. Thank you Maren!


Client testimonial

Petra, manager in an international company, full time employee and mother of 2 school children.

The program helped me to focus better and to analyze my own strengths.

Learning the energy patterns was extremely helpful for leading employees and also in general for dealing effectively with the other people.

The feedback and buddy system helped me to reflect on my self-image and the effect I have on others.
Thank you – I would do it again anytime!


Client testimonial

Elisabeth, mother of 2 children, who has accepted a new professional challenge after many years.

I would like to thank you very much! You totally helped me at a time when I really didn’t know how I wanted to develop.

I can totally recommend the course to every working woman with children. In a time of uncertainty, it gave me confidence in myself and my abilities. I wanted to try something new, to develop myself personally and professionally, and the training helped me a lot.

Many things became clearer to me and I got more control over my work life balance.
The individual coaching then gave me the turbo boost!


This is what my customers once wrote down for me …

OK, Maren – I’m ready to hit the ground running and start coaching!

Let’s have a look at the first strategy conversation:

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I am looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Women’s Leadership Program: Still have questions about the program?

Let’s talk and answer your open questions. Together we will see if the FEMALE WAKE-UP CALL program is the right tool for you.

Send me a message by email to maren@femalewakeupcall.com.

Or book an appointment for a free strategy talk right away!

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Here again are all the facts in a nutshell:

  • 16 weeks coaching for women in leadership positions (with all my know-how from the last 15 years)
  • 4 modules – 4 weeks each – with different topics (Success Mindset, Female Power and Self Care and Female Leadership)
  • Weekly short videos with know-how (to watch whenever you have time)
  • 2 individual coaching sessions (to be arranged individually with me)
  • Weekly, optional group calls to deepen, reflect and share (with lots of positive energy, fun and enthusiasm – of course)
  • regular inspirations

You choose where and when you participate – depending on your time and current situation.

Duration: 16 weeks

Start: Fall 2021

Are you in? If not now, when?

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Are you still unsure whether the FEMALE-WAKE-UP CALL Women’s Leadership Program is right tool for you?

Hmm, good question … But imagine …

  • What happens if you continue as before and everything stays the same?
  • OR: You change something, because you know: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!”
  • You continue to put the professional demands and expectations of others above your own – how will you feel in five or ten years?
  • OR: You get behind the steering wheel of your vehicle and lead a life with confidence in yourself and a good feeling where to go, because YOU want it that way!
  • You keep cramming your days so full of to-do’s and chores that there’s no time for yourself. You feel tired, drained and exhausted?
  • OR: You know that your day only has 24 hours, and you plan it realistically, according to your current life situation?
  • You know in your head that you take way too much responsibility and you are annoyed with your partner, your children and your professional environment?
  • OR: You take responsibility for yourself and your life with ease and composure and know: I can’t change the wind, but set the sails differently?

Your wake-up call is ready for you!

I am looking forward to YOU!

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