Networking for career:

A promotion is not only about performance but about Relationships ! 

What if networking would no longer be another To Do on your long list but an enrichment to your life? In this video you find  some tools and tipps how to create strong relationships with people. 

Very often networking for career is supposed to be another To Do on your long list. when hearing “you have to invest time in networking”, a lot of women think: “OH NO – just give me a break!” But what if you call it Relationship Building and change your mindset by thinking:


Getting to know (new) people better is an enrichment to my life.

According to a Harvard Business Review Article a promotion is not about your skills but about relationships. Have a more detailed look at the article here.

For me personally, I do love to build relationships (some would say: networking for career reasons ;-)! For me it is not only about for my career, it is out of a deep interest for people and their point of views.  I just like people. I like to meet and talk to them. For me this is networking and building relations with like-minded people who inspire me, give me positive energy and who I just like to talk to. 


So what do you think? You want to invest time in networking for your career?

Have a look at the tipps and tools I am happy to share with you.

Of course feel free to let me know yours! 🙂 


What about you? Ready to take the next step? 

I invite you to develop a strategy for your next steps in a personal get-to-know-you conversation with me!