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Female Empowerment Videos

Many women, mothers and leaders are confronted with high professional demands and many social expectations. And successful women usually also have high expectations of themselves. which is good.

Self-doubt, a guilty conscience, setting one’s own limits and too high expectations are often internal hurdles on the way to professional success or career AND child(ren).


The Female Empowerment Videos are meant to support and inspire you to find and go your way as a working woman, mother and leader.

Because in the working world of tomorrow we urgently need more women in leadership positions and more female qualities.

SO: Let’s go for it, ladies. The world needs YOU in leadership for sustainable change and more diversity.



Here are some female empowerment videos for you:

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Hi, I’m Maren and I’m happy to inspire and support you with the videos here.

The videos are divided into four categories and you are welcome to scroll through or choose a category.

I’m Maren and I’ve been working with women in leadership for many years and I have three children of my own, ages 10, 13 and 14..

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